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collective of dance makers

Manon Parent, Roni Katz, Annegret Schalke, Xenia Taniko, Maya Weinberg, Lisa Densem

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B A G is a collective composed of 6 choreographer-performers based in Berlin. Maya Weinberg and Roni Katz come from Israel, Xenia Taniko and Annegret Schalke are from Germany, Lisa Densem comes from New Zealand, and Manon Parent from France. Their wish to work together as a collective originated in a collaboration that was surrounding the choreographic proposal of Roni Katz in 2018 (A Matter of One’s Own) during which they realized the potential of their multidisciplinary and complementary skills. While they are all professional choreographers and dancers, each of them also has an additional professional activity which ranges from music to costume design, dramaturgy to light design. Their shared interests revolve around the ideas of social cohesion through sharing their practice, adaptation to multiple contexts and collecting stories. This “collecting” aspect is what gave the collective its name in 2020, B A G. Inspired by Ursula K. Le Guin's “the carrier bag theory of fiction”, they decided to see their creating as an ever-transforming, sponge-like process, rather than a fixed form that would be seen at some point as a finished object.

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Manon Parent

Roni Katz

Maya Weinberg

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Lisa Densem

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